VIP Protection – We ensure your VIP visit is safe, comfortable and confidential

Our VIP Protection agents have the skills and facilities to avoid these dangers and, if necessary, counter the threat.

Our field agents are former police, military or special forces staff, with the training to assess, anticipate and avoid danger to the principal. Most of them have been in real situations of danger before and should the need arise will react appropriately. Our agents are fully equipped with the right vehicles, communications, medical supplies and, where permitted by law, weapons.

Armed and trained bodyguards

“The threats are real. No one wants to think what might happen, what might go wrong – except us. We do the worrying for you.” – Andy Grudko, Counter-Terrorism course, Johannesburg, 1983, during intense anti-government activity.

One of our specially protected vehicles

One of our specially protected and equipped luxury vehicles.

VIP Protection

A GA VIP protection officer observing 5 overseas VIPs in the high risk ‘Alexander Township’ as part of a 10 week contract. In South Africa our agents will usually carry at least one firearm, a handgun, and have rapid access to the full spectrum of professional backup – but the last thing we want is to be involved in firefights in the crowded streets of Johannesburg, so our first goal is always threat avoidance.

We are also Bail Recovery agents, locating and returning to the criminal justice system those who abuse it.

Weapons Policy

GA are opposed to any unnecessary use of force. But we believe that every person has the right to protect him or her self in accordance with prevailing law. If the person may carry and use a firearm for self defence or to protect others we fully support this, given the correct training.