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Eavesdropping using a powerful unidirectional microphone

South Africa probably has the best police and judicial system in Africa, but only about 7% of crimes in SA result in a conviction. When the police & Courts simply cannot respond to crime it’s up to business and individuals to defend themselves. That’s where we come in. Investigation Services →


A 1200mm reflector lens being used for long range surveillance

Today responsible security management must think and act as businessmen and women to count the cost in relation to the level of threat and risk. With almost 30 years of international experience we can assist.
Consulting Services →

V.I.P. Protection

A bodyguard practices a standard defensive manuever, gun in hand

Today most countries suffer under violent crime, but South Africa is one of the most dangerous peace-time, first world countries. Our VIP Protection agents have the skills and facilities to avoid these dangers and, if necessary, counter the threat.VIP Protection Services →

Debugging & Technical Services

Investigator with a bug detector sweeps a room

Staying ahead of the professional criminals who want to steal your secrets or invade your privacy is a difficult and often expensive process – a process which we have successfully developed using the best practices and technology since 1981.Debugging & Technical Services →

Computer Forensics

A mouse and handcuffs figuratively warn that for Grudko Associates, uncovering cyber crime is no challenge

Are you a victim of cyber crime? We can uncover your company’s hidden losses. Cyber crime affects virtually every business in South Africa today. We can provide the evidence needed to detect, prove or prevent your company’s losses. Computer Forensics →

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence service will identify and analyse opportunities and hazards

Don’t do business in South Africa without talking to us first. Our business intelligence service will identify and analyse opportunities and hazards (from the threat of war to the personal security of overseas visitors).  business Intelligence →

Background Checks

Know who you are dealing with using our background check service

It’s always wise to check that the person you are considering employing or granting a financial facility to is who and what they say they are and that they have not left a series of problems behind them. We can do that for you; efficiently and discretely. background Checks →