Professional Investigations conducted with integrity, professionalism and confidentiality

South Africa probably has the best police and judicial system in Africa, but only about 7% of crimes in SA result in a conviction. When the police and Courts simply cannot respond to crime it’s up to business and individuals to defend themselves. And that’s where we come in…


A 1200mm reflector lens being used for long range surveillance

There are very few business crime investigators in Africa and those that do exist tend to offer similar techniques and use established methods which are known to criminals, especially professionals and syndicates. This has created a situation where the professional criminal and those business men who operate in the grey areas of the law are aware of the investigator’s tricks of the trade. So, we constantly change our methods of operation to stay at least one step ahead of the opposition.


One of the major elements of an intelligence operation or investigation is the use of contacts. The intelligence community refer to these people as `assets’ because of their essential value.

We have established an extensive network of contacts in a wide selection of State, commercial and financial areas. Should we not have a contact in a relevant area we can use our experience to quickly establish one. Should that fail we have other proven, secure and legal methods of collecting evidence and information.

These methods include physical surveillance, electronic surveillance, role-playing `setup’ or `sting ‘ operations, undercover infiltration and access to a variety of computer data bases.

MIS-Grudko have rendered a wide range of investigative services throughout southern Africa since 1981, including:

Criminal Investigations:

  • All Criminal Matters
  • Criminal Intelligence
  • Police and Court Liaison
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Undercover Agents

Civil Investigations:

  • Corporate, Commercial and Insurance Investigations
  • Profiles on Individuals and Businesses
  • Company Principal and Directorship Enquiries
  • Credit, Reference and Qualification Checks
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Copyright and Patent Violations
  • Locating of Property and Assets
  • Tracing Individuals
  • Serving Process or Legal documents
  • Probate and Genealogical Research
  • Verification of Documents (IDs, licenses etc)

Many clients are surprised how quick and inexpensive it can be to obtain professional services from us such as:

  • Pre employment screening
  • Prevention of loss of sensitive information
  • Security advice and surveys
  • Credit checks on persons and companies
  • Background checks on companies wishing to use their services
  • Human Resources when staff problems occur
  • Polygraph testing for pre employment and when loss occurs
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Investigations prior to mergers, sales, acquisitions and before major purchases.