Debugging & Technical Services – Specialists in confidential electronic counter-surveillance and countermeasures design

Electronic counter-surveillance sweeps and countermeasure systems design (Technical Security Counter Measures)

In our high-tech world the privacy of the executive or boardroom or the integrity of an R&D or marketing department is constantly threatened with compromise.

Information is power and PI’s and industrial spies have a reputation of using illegal electronic surveillance, bugging rooms and tapping phones to collect that information. Faxes, E-Mail and most forms of communication, even freestanding computers, laptops, SMS, Voicemail and cell ‘phones can be intercepted. Not only can they be intercepted but many governments legislate that Service Providers must build in monitoring and even encryption breaking facilities into their systems at the subscribers’ cost.

Click here to read an official story of us finding bugs on a political party’s ‘phones. (.PDF ~ 58k)

Electronic survuillence countermeasures


We are fully independent consultants on local and international investigation and intelligence matters, not connected to any other service supplier and can therefore offer unbiased advice on systems and services.

As our only loyalty is to our client you can be sure that any company or service which we recommends is the best available to suit your needs.

It’s our job to assess today’s risk and counter it. Various South African Government departments trust us to design, implement and maintain their security – so you can too…

Digital zoom processing of an actual surveillance photo

Forensic Investigations

Grudko Associates have been conducting Forensic Investigations (‘Forensic’ meaning “of or used in a Court of Law”) for 28 years. Where appropriate all matters are investigated and cases prepared to meet local legal requirements on the assumption that we will have to prove the facts in Court with the primary intention that our clients will win. We have carried criminal investigations through to successful prosecution or judgment on many occasions.

The Polygraph (Forensic Psychophysiology or Polygraphy)

In order to manage a business on a healthy and cost-effective footing, one of the fundamental principles must be risk assessment and pro-active control.

The most subjective and least predictive equation of any business will always be the human element. There are various methods such as psychometric evaluation, CVs, interviews, civil and criminal background checks and more to establish:

  • Is a person what he/she claims to be
  • Is the person of integrity; and
  • Is the person fit for the vacant position.

But still individuals manage to slip the net of scrutiny and turn out to be just those elements that you can’t afford to have on board.

Polygraphy, or Forensic Psychophysiology, in order to distinguish it from some other so-called truth verification techniques, is not the magic path to truth – but it is a very effective and, if used correctly, very accurate method to establish whether an individual is indeed lying regarding key issues of either his/her background or a specific deed.