Business Intelligence – Don’t do business in South Africa… without talking to us first

Africa is a very rich continent – rich in minerals, land, natural beauty, it’s wonderful people and a huge pool of unexploited opportunities. Our business intelligence service will identify and analyse opportunities and hazards (from the threat of war to the personal security of overseas visitors).

To achieve this we combine our experience of working for top business and government with proven lobbying capabilities and something special…

Competitive Intelligence.

CI has become the secret weapon of many of today’s most successful businesses. CI is the process of the legal, ethical collection of a wide range of information from the public and private domains, it’s analyses and application, so as to gain a competitive advantage.

The Competitive Intelligence process includes such diverse sources as:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Vacant position ads.
  • Trade Journals
  • Internet searches
  • In-house newsletters
  • Company reports
  • Credit bureaux
  • Subscription data bases – public and State
  • Mission statements
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Scientific papers
  • Patents filings
  • Special interest group attention
  • Proposed legislation
  • Position/seminar papers
  • Credit agency reports
  • Former staff interviews/employment
  • Marketing surveys amongst customers/clients/suppliers
  • Direct observation
  • And a special something that we call ‘Informed Opinion’ but which our clients call ‘Magic’.

So what is the practical application of Business Intelligence?

A traditional view of the successful businessman or entrepreneur is the ideal executive in the back of a luxury car, flicking the pages of the business papers.

Today’s reality is that he would be missing most of the intelligence that is available, and even that is compromised by being available elsewhere the previous day.

And a day’s delay can make or break a major deal in today’s financial markets.

The first part of the nineties was the age of information. The end of the nineties has become the age of information overload…so much information that only specialists can sort the facts from the theory to produce a very valuable commodity – knowledge.

We have clients who have saved and even made millions of Dollars through our services. An example is the company that hired us to identify a target company’s weakest point in the business cycle. In this case the client was willing to pay a certain figure for the business, but through our reporting they successfully bid $ 2 000 000 less for it.

Our total fee for this assignment was just over $ 40 000 – a % 2 percent cost.