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Evaluation & Planning, Requirement Analysis, System Specifications and Supplier Selection

All organisations must design and budget for security resources based on actual, measurable need. In most cases, security has been viewed as an expense, and not a benefit to the organisation. But today responsible security management must think and act as businessmen and women to count the cost in relation to the level of threat and risk.

As consultants with almost 30 years of international experience we can assist the client to identify areas of vulnerability and find cost-effective ways to mitigate these risks. We can design the client a short term solution or up to a five year plan to deal with site security. Our Evaluation And Planning system gives the client the facts and figures they need to “sell” security programs within their organization and to justify the budget required to be effective.

The EAP process begins with personal interviews with staff and management, progresses to a physical inspection of the premises and results in a comprehensive report which details threats, risks and vulnerabilities, including independent recommendations of systems, equipment and suppliers. We can do so because we are not allied to any service or equipment supplier and so our clients only receive what we consider to be the best, unbiased advice Any security plan must include documentation such as policies, procedures and real-time data for the security officers. A security management plan must also be in place to integrate and support electronic security systems, security staff and any other security elements on the site.

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Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis will assist a client that has an established, but perhaps stale security system in place. They may have some, or all of the security elements of Security Officers, electronic security, procedures, etc. but today the equipment is aging and there may have been incidents that point to the need to upgrade systems. An EAP may have also been performed, and it has identified the problems associated with the aged equipment. The client must now quantify what they need and how best to integrate this new equipment into the current plan. We therefore perform a Requirement Analysis that examines the state of current systems and their appropriateness. We then examine new technology and see what systems best fit the environment of the client site. Our deliverables include a report that details what systems are required and how they should be introduced into the environment. A design document section will address how the technology should be deployed.

System Specifications

Once the system elements are determined, we can write the performance specifications for the equipment that is required on the site. These specifications are then used to produce an engineering package and materials for tender of bid. Elements may include: CCTV, Card Access, Alarm Systems, Turnstiles, Barriers, Perimeter Detection, Guard Tour Systems, Intercoms, Monitoring Facilities, and any other security systems requirements.

Supplier Selection

Nothing is more critical to the effectiveness of a security system than the quality of the suppliers. In security there are many elements that are far more critical than cost. Advanced technologies require sufficiently resourced suppliers to install and maintain them or else they become expensive ‘back doors’. Security staff are reassuring, but how do we know they are not actually criminals just waiting for an opportunity to strike. Grudko Associates’ investigation division specialises in the in-depth integrity analysis of people and companies, so that when recommending a supplier, clients can rest assured that all appropriate and legal checks have been conducted to ensure that suppliers meet their levels of qualification and integrity.